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Watercooling Made Easy 181

Ronny writes: "'Overclockers are always looking for a better way to keep their processors cooler. If you've found the best heatsink and best fan, but that still isn't cooling your processor enough, you may want to look in to water cooling.' You can build your own water cooling system out of scrap parts such as a radiator from an ATV and a water block made out of a 4" PVC cap. However, if your like myself and have no creative skills whatsoever, then you may be interested in this new water cooling kit that is available on the Internet. The kit includes everything you need to start water cooling your CPU, at a very reasonable price. Full review of the water-cooling kit found at OverclockersClub"
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Watercooling Made Easy

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  • Just an Ad (Score:5, Insightful)

    by BlueTooth ( 102363 ) on Monday August 19, 2002 @05:01PM (#4100271) Homepage
    Kits like these have been around for a while...Do we really need to put up with stories that are just big ads now too?
  • I'm not one to begrudge a nice review, but on 1 water cooling kit with nothing special?

    The water cooling phenomenon is pretty common right now- I'd love to go on about my current issues around a ground-phase loop (i unplug the pump, the computer reboots) but that isn't relevant.

    Now if this was an informative article about a number of different water cooling kits, then yes, I think that would deserve a large posting. (yes, the server is slashdotted already).
    However, I'd say this is more like direct marketing. There isn't even a link to the manufacturer's link in the slashdot posting, making it impossible to even review the that.
    Water cooling is very expensive- pumps run 40$, blocks run 30$, tubing and fittings run 20$, radiators run 50$......
    Anyway... thanks for the direct markting blurb, but i think there are more professional ways to advertise a product :)
  • Re:I have one!!! (Score:2, Insightful)

    by kin_korn_karn ( 466864 ) on Monday August 19, 2002 @05:34PM (#4100455) Homepage
    for that amount of money, you could have bought a faster video card and CPU in the first place and cooled it with a $20 fan, and wouldn't have to worry about keeping the water-cooling system running or worry about it leaking all over your mobo.

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