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Using Radiators to Cool CPUs 245

dan writes "Overclockers Australia have a review up of the CPU Radiator Zen, a new approach to cooling your toasty CPU's. Rather than taking the traditional approach of a heatsink with lots of fins and a noisy 7,000rpm fan it uses radiator/heat pipe technology. The implementation of the unit is a bit flawed, but it is interesting to see where the technology is heading.. and if it can be done right I personally think this is where it will end up."
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Using Radiators to Cool CPUs

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  • by Chairboy ( 88841 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2001 @11:59AM (#2533114) Homepage
    Me: "My computer has been making a strange sound."

    Computer Mechanic crawls under my computer, then slides out a few minutes later and wipes oil off his hands with an old shop towel. "Looks like your radiator fan has lost a bearing. I can replace it, but I also have to put on a new belt. The old one is almost wore down. Also, you need an oil change. These new Septium-6 processors can really eat up an oil filter quick, and the color of this stuff is pretty dark now.

    Me: "Boy, I remember when computers were so simple, I could just pop off the case and swap out components on my own."

    Computer technician: "Ok gramps, whatever you say. You just sit yourself down out in the lobby and I'll have Betsy ring you up once I'm done. Shouldn't take more then a couple hours. Oh, and the tread on your network connector looks a little thin, can I suggest a new pair?"
  • by BrentRJones ( 68067 ) <slashdotme@bre n t j o n e s . o rg> on Wednesday November 07, 2001 @12:27PM (#2533265) Homepage Journal
    Now for sale: The Mr Coffeee motherboard. (Patent Pending.) Yes it works well, but only on processors over 400 MHz. Makes up to 6 cups per hour.

    Retailer and investor inquires welcome.
  • by Atilla ( 64444 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2001 @01:35PM (#2533619) Homepage
    Good idea. Why not hook up a whole bunch of Athlon/P4 PC's to the same tank...

    This will provide a good source of goldfish snacks for a Q3 fragfest.. Feed the critters with some cheddar flakes for a few days prior.

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