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DIY linux-based MP3 player Appliance 153

An anonymous reader submitted " has just published an interesting how-to article about converting a GCT-Allwell set-top box into a linux-based TV set-top MP3 player. As a helpful aside it does useful things like email and web browsing through your TV. Looks like a fun project. A related article shows how to turn the same set top box into a router."
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DIY linux-based MP3 player Appliance

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  • by Georgia ( 531651 ) on Thursday October 25, 2001 @12:16PM (#2478147) Homepage
    This is in regards to the non-closed Italics Tag which will probably be fixed by the time most moderators read this.

    CmdrTaco recently spoke about making a slashdot pay site for readers that don't want to be spammed with ads. I must ask, what are we getting for our money?
    I'd suggest that if you intend on people paying for it you start spell/grammar check articles to be posted, and check your tags

    Something as simple as an Italics flag not being terminated (which should be in the code, because extra terminating flags don't hurt a thing) definately discourages anyone from paying for slashdot.

    If I am going to pay you for your services, then I'd expect you to do more than click a button all day saying "this article is in" and "this article isn't."
  • by thejake316 ( 308289 ) on Thursday October 25, 2001 @12:27PM (#2478197) Homepage Journal
    Why, if you want a set-top mp3 player (why I have no idea) don't you just buy an Apex DVD player and burn mp3's on CDs? It works quite well. And why, if you need a router, don't you just BUY one? There's plenty out there that are actually DESIGNED to be routers, and some are very good deals.

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  • by kochsr ( 144988 ) on Thursday October 25, 2001 @05:33PM (#2480374) Homepage
    this guy purchased the box (for $500) you can buy an audiotron for $275, which is database driven... but has no display

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