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Wednesday June 22, 2011 @02:50PM Practical "Smell-o-Vision" System Being Developed
Thursday March 24, 2011 @03:22AM Futurama Renewed For 7th Season
Thursday June 24, 2010 @08:54AM David X. Cohen Talks About Futurama's New Season
Friday March 19, 2010 @12:09AM Details Emerge On Futurama's "Rebirth" (and Return)
Monday August 03, 2009 @12:01AM Original Futurama Cast Seals Deal With Fox
Saturday August 01, 2009 @02:07PM Futurama Voices Could Be Recast
Wednesday June 10, 2009 @05:08PM Comedy Central Confirms 26 New Futurama Episodes
Tuesday June 09, 2009 @08:54PM Futurama Rumored To Return On Comedy Central
Thursday February 26, 2009 @09:44PM Billy West Says Futurama Might Return To Fox For 6th Season
Saturday January 31, 2009 @09:21AM Making Magnetic Monopoles and Other Physics Exotica
Thursday October 16, 2008 @04:00PM Outer Space has a Smell
Tuesday August 19, 2008 @11:31AM Amateur Scientists Seek Fusion Reaction
Friday March 21, 2008 @12:12AM New Futurama Movie Coming in June
Saturday March 01, 2008 @06:18PM Laser Light Re-creates 'Black Holes' in the Lab
Sunday December 02, 2007 @06:36PM Futurama Returns!
Monday November 26, 2007 @04:05PM David X. Cohen of Futurama Talks About the Movie
Wednesday August 01, 2007 @05:59AM Futurama Movie Set For November 27
Monday February 05, 2007 @10:33AM Matt Groening Talks About Futurama's Comeback
Sunday December 31, 2006 @02:59AM FDA Decides Cloned Animals Safe to Eat
Thursday December 28, 2006 @03:27PM Long-lived Super Heavy Element Created
Tuesday July 04, 2006 @12:29PM Ask Futurama Star Billy West About...?

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