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+ - AMD: 'we're not entirely honest' about batteries->

Submitted by Slatterz
Slatterz (666) writes "In an apparent attack of the bleeding-obvious, an AMD rep has come clean and admitted (on behalf of the industry) that notebook and phone battery life figures are completely unreliable. AMD's senior vice president Nigel Dessau says that "we are not being entirely honest with users about what PC battery life they can expect to actually experience." He says AMD will now use a combination of idle time (where the machine is left to sit idle, and timed to see how long it takes for the battery to go dead), and 3DMark06 to measure battery life. Great in theory, but as this story explains, some of the industry already bases battery figures on a two-test measurement, and the results are still wildly inaccurate."
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AMD: 'we're not entirely honest' about batteries

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