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Data Storage

Submission + - SPAM: Four-Way SSD Round-up, OCZ, Super Talent and Mtron

MojoKid writes: "Solid State Drive technology is set to turn the storage industry on its ear eventually. There is little doubt of this. It's just a matter of time. When you consider the intrinsic benefits of anything built on solid state technology versus anything mechanical, it doesn't take a degree in physics to understand the obvious advantages. However, as with any new technology, things take time to mature and the current batch of SSDs on the market do have some caveats and shortcomings, especially when it comes to write performance. This full performance review and showcase of four different Solid State Disks, two MLC-based and two SLC-based, gives a good perspective of where SSDs currently are strong and where they're not. OCZ, Mtron and Super Talent drives are tested here but Intel's much anticipated offering hasn't arrived to market just yet."
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Four-Way SSD Round-up, OCZ, Super Talent and Mtron

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