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+ - MS and OLPC to put Windows on the XO-> 1

Submitted by Apro+im
Apro+im (241275) writes "NYT is reporting that Microsoft and OLPC have come to an agreement to put Windows XP on the XO. According to the article:

After years of conflict, Microsoft and the computing and education project One Laptop Per Child, have reached an agreement that will put Windows on the organization's computers.
The first of the project's child-friendly XO laptops running Windows XP will be tested next month in limited trials in four or five countries, said James Utzschneider, manager of Microsoft's developing markets unit. He declined to name the countries, but said XO laptops running Windows would be generally available by September.

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MS and OLPC to put Windows on the XO

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  • Open Firmware [] plays the role of BIOS for both OSs, overcoming the previous boot incompatibility. OLPC will not sell a Windows-only model, and will continue all of its development efforts on Linux.

    Neither Microsoft nor OLPC expressed any interest in working on a port of Sugar to Windows, but the door is open for anybody that wants to take it on.

    Don't hold your breath. It's harder than it looks [] at first sight. In particular, there seems to be no way to get Windows running at the same low power levels as Linux

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