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+ - Liquid Cooling Goes Mainstream with Asetek's LCLC->

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bigwophh writes "Liquid cooling a PC is often considered an extreme solution, pursued by enthusiasts trying to squeeze every last bit of performance from their systems. In recent years, however, liquid cooling has gone somewhat mainstream, as evidenced by the number of manufacturers producing entry level, all-in-one kits. These kits are usually easy to install and operate, but at the expense of performance and cost. Asetek's aptly names LCLC (Low Cost Liquid Cooling) may resemble other liquid cooling setups in some ways, but the LCLC offers a number of features that set it apart. For one, the LCLC is totally sealed system that comes pre-assembled. Secondly, a non-toxic, non-flammable liquid and plastic tubing is used to nix evaporation issues, which eliminates the need to refill the system. And to further simplify the LCLC, its pump and water block are integrated into a single unit. Considering its relatively simplicity, silence, and low cost, the Asetek LCLC performs quiet well, besting traditional air coolers by a large margin in some tests."
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Liquid Cooling Goes Mainstream with Asetek's LCLC

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