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Wireless Networking

+ - Mobile WiMAX to succeed where Muni WiFI failed?->

Submitted by WiNot
WiNot (666) writes "WiMAX's supporters are positioning Mobile WiMAX as an alternative to municipal WiFi networks in the wake of recent cancellation or postponement of muni WiFi projects in Chicago and San Francisco. '"There's no business case for municipal WiFi,"' said one executive at WiMAX World which raises the question of whether WiMAX can rise to the challenge. 'With many municipal WiFi deployments in a holding pattern, it may be Sprint's Xohm WiMAX network will be up and running before muni WiFi can get its act together. From what Ars saw during its Motorola-sponsored cruise on the Chicago River earlier this week, WiMAX has the potential to deliver the goods in terms of speed, latency, and reliability. If Sprint hits its goal of blanketing metropolitan areas with WiMAX in a timely fashion and prices the service attractively, the kind of expansive municipal WiFi networks once envisioned in Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco could go the way of and Flooz."
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Mobile WiMAX to succeed where Muni WiFI failed?

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