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+ - Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet into a Robotic Hivemind-> 1

Submitted by malachiorion
malachiorion (1205130) writes "Researchers are force-feeding the internet into a system called Robo Brain, to make the world's robots smarter. Weirder still: Every word in that sentence is true. Robo Brain has absorbed a billion images and 120,000 YouTube videos so far, and aims to digest 10 times that within a year, in order to create machine-readable commands for robots—how to pour coffee, for example. I spoke to one of the researchers about this ridiculously ambitious, and pretty ingenious project, which could finally make household bots viable (in about 5 years...which is still pretty great). My story for Popular Science."
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Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet into a Robotic Hivemind

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