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Submission + - Volvo's Preparing A Tesla-Like Infotainment System

cartechboy writes: Tesla wowed the world when it launched the Model S electric car with its 17-inch touchscreen center stack. In fact, it downright made everything else on the market look... dated. But it seems Volvo's ready to show the world what it can do as it's preparing its new infotainment system which is a huge tablet-style touchscreen with a Tesla-like interface. The system is being previewed in the new Concept Estate at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and in a preview for Apple's upcoming CarPlay iPhone integration. But don't be fooled, this system is heading towards production later this year in the new 2015 XC90 crossover. Volvo says "The new user interface is designed to create a smooth, logical and safe interaction between the driver and the car.... this goes far beyond just putting a large table in the center of the dashboard...." It appears Volvo will be the first major established automaker to follow Tesla's lead with a massive touchscreen infotainment system. The only question now is whether this trend will spread throughout the industry and will we regret not having real buttons in our cars in the future?
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Volvo's Preparing A Tesla-Like Infotainment System

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