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JoeyRox (2711699) writes "The exponential growth of rooftop solar adoption has utilities concerned about their financial future. Efficiency gains and cost reductions has brought the price of solar energy to within parity of traditional power generation in states like California and Hawaii. HECO, an electric utility in Hawaii, has started notifying new solar adopters that they will not be allowed to connect to the utility's power grid, citing safety concerns of electric circuits becoming oversaturated from the rapid adoption of soloar power on the island. Residents claim it's not about safety but about the utility fighting to protect its profits."
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Utilities fight back against solar energy

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  • If the power company won't hook up to a house with solar, there's an easy solution: add a buffer. Have two sets of wiring in the house with UPS backup charged by the panels, or have the electrical drop only go to a battery charging station, and leave the panels hooked up to the house's circuit.

    There are many viable solutions if the only issue is having the panels hooked up to the same circuit that the grid feed is on. You could even have things like heaters, hot water tank, A/C and refrigerators/freezers o

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