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Kenseilon (3462441) writes "Extremetech reports( that the recent price hike of Litecoins has triggered yet another arms race for the *coinminers out there, leading to a shortage of AMD graphics cards. While Bitcoin mining is quickly becoming unfeasible for GPU rigs with general purpose graphics cards, there are several alternative currencies with opportunities. The primary candidate is now Litecoin, which has the aim of 'being silver if Bitcoin is gold'

Swedish Tech site Sweclockers also reports( that GPU manufacturer Club3D have told them that miners are becoming a new important group of potential customers. However, concerns are being raised that this is a temporary boom that may hurt AMD in the long run since gamers, their core consumer group, may not be able to acquire the cards and instead opt for Nvidia."

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Massive surge in Litecoin mining leads to graphics card shortage

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