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Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "Is the Tesla Model S actually a vampire, sucking down power even when the car is switched off? Recently, a tweet to Elon Musk with an article saying so sparked the Tesla CEO's attention. He tweeted that it wasn't right and that he'd look into the situation. Then a few hours later, he tweeted that the issue had to do with a bad 12-Volt battery. Turns out Tesla had already called the owner of the affected car and sent a service "Ranger" to his house to replace that battery--and also install a newer build of the car's software. Now it appears the "Vampire Draw" has been slain. The car went from using 4.5 kWh per day while turned off to a mere 1.1 kWh. So Musk got his vampire — but there may be a few left lurking in the shadows he needs to address. Tesla may either need to fix some software, or start sending a few new 12-Volt batteries out to the folks still experiencing the issue."
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Elon Musk, Vampire Slayer: Wacky Tesla Model S Battery Issue Fixed

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