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+ - Car Dealers Stand In Line, Complain to DMV About Tesla's Website -> 2

Submitted by cartechboy
cartechboy (2660665) writes "Ok maybe they don't actually stand in line, but still, talk about complaining into ether. State and national car dealer groups have been battling Tesla Motors for years, trying to stop them from selling its electric cars directly to buyers. Most of the time, the dealers work behind the scenes to change state laws and and force Tesla to conduct its sales through "independently-owned third parties" which are aka, well, car dealers. But in California, Tesla's operations are legal, so that tactic won't work. So dealers there are taking an interesting new tack — complaining to the DMV about Tesla's website."
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Car Dealers Stand In Line, Complain to DMV About Tesla's Website

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  • They deserve the middle finger.

  • Took me about two hours to get the dealership to reveal the interest rate behind the payment they were showing me. I stupidly brought a trade-in and they will gladly lower your interest rate and knock the difference off your trade-in value. I also am fairly certain I signed up for the extended warranty but when I went in for service there was no such thing... In short, fuck the dealership.

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