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+ - AquaTop Immersive Display - Could The Future Of Gaming Be Wet?->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes ""Take a tub of cloudy water, a projector, a Kinect to sense objects on its surface and you have the first "immersive" interface — literally. You can place your hands in the water and play with the virtual objects projected onto it. AquaTop is the product of Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications Koike Laboratory and some very creative thinking.
If the system projects photos on the surface, for example, you can move them around, resize them using the usual two-finger pinch, but you can also pick them up in cupped hands and transfer them somewhere else. The gesture I really liked was "sink to delete" — yes, that's often how I feel about a file.
Add some waterproof loudspeakers under the surface and allow the computer to run them at low frequency. The result is that you can now make the surface "boil" in response to the sound. You can make fountains of water appear and project the right colors onto it to make it look like an explosion. In the demo game you throw energy bolts at squid that blow up if you hit them. You have to see the video to understand how putting your hands in cold water might be so much fun. Could the future of gaming be wet, very wet...""

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AquaTop Immersive Display - Could The Future Of Gaming Be Wet?

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