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+ - A new version of Office every 90 days!->

Submitted by Billly Gates
Billly Gates (198444) writes "Of course to get these new wondrous features and bugfixes you have to have a subscription to Office 365. It appears Microsoft is following Chrome's agile development model like Mozilla did. Are the customers who most prefer subscriptions (Corporate) want new things in the enterprise every 90 days? It is frustrating to see so many of them still on IE 7, XP, and Office 2003 which hurts Windows and Office sales and holds back innovation. At the same time the accountants notice significant savings by keeping I.T. costs down with decade/semi decade updates to their images while I.T. only puts out fires in between. Will this change that or will Microsoft cloud offerings with outsourced Exchange and Sharepoint make up for this with cost savings and continually updated software in the enterprise?"
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A new version of Office every 90 days!

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