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+ - Spectacular fireball lights up UK sky 1

Submitted by
The Bad Astronomer
The Bad Astronomer writes "An extremely bright meteor burned up over Ireland and the northern UK around 22:00 UTC on Friday night, and was apparently witnessed by thousands of people. It traveled east to west, and was moving relatively slowly. It may have been an actual rock, or it may have been some human-made space debris — a satellite or rocket booster — burning up. Space junk tends to move more slowly, so that's a potential suspect, though orbiting debris usually moves in the opposite direction. I'm collecting pictures and images on my Bad Astronomy blog."
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Spectacular fireball lights up UK sky

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  • From a friend (hi, Stephen!) who was trying star trail photography etc at the time. He didn't see it himself, but having had photos taken in the right direction and time, he may have it in his photo-pile. (Which, if I understand his message correctly, he intends to post-process and stack up tomorrow.) Is something wrong with the Frist-Posters? Did they all go postal or something interesting for once in their mis-begotten lives?

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