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+ - Recording streaming audio on an intranet? 2

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dousette writes "I have been tasked with modernizing our company's board room. Replacing the overhead projector with a more modern LCD projector is a no-brainer, speakers are easy enough to wire off of the HDMI projector, but one of the requirements that has me stumped is the recording of minutes. The existing system uses wired microphones connected to a cassette player, and what I would love to replace this with are some sort of Ethernet microphone that could stream directly to a Windows file share. Does such an animal exist? Do you have any other suggestions for the room that I might be missing?"
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Recording streaming audio on an intranet?

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  • it might not be as elegant as some other solution, but it's probably cheaper.

  • Just wire the mics to a computer and sample. There are tons of free apps to do this, Audacity is one FOSS alternative that works on all platforms. I don't know if it still has the capability, but WinAmp used to make streaming over an intranet or even the internet dirt simple.

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