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+ - How Fast IsFast Enough On The Internet?-> 1

Submitted by h2okies
h2okies (1203490) writes "CNET's reports that the IEEE Will stat today to form the new standards for Ethernet and data transfer "The standard, to be produced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), will likely reach data-transfer speeds between 400 gigabits per second and 1 terabit per second. For comparison, that latter speed would be enough to copy 20 full-length Blu-ray movies in a second." The IEEE also reports on how the speed needs of the internet continue to double every year. Of what consequence will this new standard matter if the last mile is stillstuck on beep & creep?"
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How Fast IsFast Enough On The Internet?

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  • 400Gbps and 1000Gbps ethernet standard has been in the works for a long time.
    100Mbps for a residential user will be enough for the next 15 years.
    Surely there will be one or another ISP that will have faster speeds, but 100Mbps is enough for 6 top quality HDTV online streams simultaneously.
    However 1000Gbps ethernet purpose is for major backbone links (between and within large IP carriers).
    In order to deliver 100Mbps uncapped IP to everyone in the world, 1000Gbps links will be a necessity.
    Outside of the high

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