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+ - Another Cable Provider Takes Aim At A Muni Broadband Provider->

Submitted by acidradio
acidradio (659704) writes "The city of Monticello, MN (about an hr. drive north of Minneapolis) decided to roll out its own city-wide broadband network after all of the local phone and cable providers shafted them with either expensive or no service at all. Ironically carriers that never wanted to offer any kind of significant broadband in Monticello went to court and the Public Utilities Commission to fight Monticello's construction of this network! If they can't sell the broadband in Monticello nobody else can? Providers testified that it was not feasible for any of them to offer broadband or they could only offer it at low speeds for ripoff prices. After all that Charter is now offering a combined TV/DVR/cable modem package for $60/mo which is normally offered in other communities for significantly more than that. Maybe competition does help the consumer here!"
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Another Cable Provider Takes Aim At A Muni Broadband Provider

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