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+ - Are Data Centers Finally Ready for DC Power? -> 1

Submitted by 1sockchuck
1sockchuck (826398) writes "It's been five years since a landmark study outlined the potential benefits of DC power distribution in data centers. But adoption of DC in data centers remains limited, even as the industry aggressively pursues a wide array of other energy savings strategies. Advocates of DC distribution are hoping a new study will jump start the conversation about DC distribution, which can save energy by eliminating several wasteful AC-to-DC conversions within a data center. Meanwhile, an industry association for DC power adoption, the EMerge Alliance, has formed a new technical standards committee for data centers, and is advancing a 380-volt DC power standard. Will DC distribution ever gain momentum in data centers?"
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Are Data Centers Finally Ready for DC Power?

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  • I realize that running high voltage will lessen conductor loss, but seeing as the actual semiconductors are using lower and lower voltages, aren't conversion losses going from 380V to 1.8V going to offset this? The most efficient way to convert DC-DC is by chopping the DC into high freq AC (PWM converters). Why not do that step once and distribute the high freq AC?

    I'd suggest datacenters move to higher frequency AC as opposed to DC. You can use much smaller magnetics and the losses are much lower than low f

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