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+ - BBC, Ofcom DRM Ploy Uncovered->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "The BBC has asked Ofcom for permission to broadcast DRM locked TV programming in the UK, it has been revealed. According to reports, in 2009 the BBC had asked Ofcom for permission to put DRM locks on its high definition video content, which is produced by the license fee that the UK public pays. The secret documents unearthed by the Guardian revealed that the UK public along with several public interest groups and activists and consumer organizations were against the proposal. However, even after the BBC put up an unconvincing case for offering DRM locked video content, Ofcom approved it nonetheless. The two organizations believe that the DRM locking is in favor of the UK public despite its mass opposition and have even failed to clarify why they choose to go ahead with the proposal, claiming that it was in public interest not to know so. The BBC proposal to Ofcom was made public but both the organizations had removed some parts of the proposal, which they later deemed as ‘commercially sensitive'."
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BBC, Ofcom DRM Ploy Uncovered

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