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+ - Heat your home with a server or two-> 1

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "A new paper from Microsoft Research suggests a radical but slightly mad scheme for dealing with some of the more basic problems of the data centre.
Rather than build server farms that produce a lot of waster heat, why not have distributed Data Furnaces, that heat home and offices at the same time as providing cloud computing? This is a serious suggestion and they provide facts and figures to make it all seem viable. So when it gets cold all you have to do is turn up the number crunching..."

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Heat your home with a server or two

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  • I have been jokingly suggesting this idea to colleagues for a few months. The way I think of it is that if
    you want to convert electric power into heat, you may as well extract the free computation that this makes available.

    Of course the technology needs to be very stable, You don't want to have to replace your heating plant every couple of years.

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