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+ - "Humble Homebrew Collection" petitions Sony-> 1

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neokushan writes "The Humble Homebrew Collection is an initiative that aims to convince Sony to provide us with a legitimate and official way to create homebrew applications for the consoles that we own.

        We are providing you with a free homebrew game that aims to be polished and look professionally made which includes 33 very good and addictive puzzle games. We've tried to make this homebrew games collection as good as possible so that even the anti-homebrew purists will be jealous of it.

        Homebrew does not equal piracy, and this is proof of it. These games are all free and are released under the MIT license."

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"Humble Homebrew Collection" petitions Sony

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  • iOS and console manufacturers like control and money. They _want_ to sell games that people play for 5 minutes and then ditch. They lower the opportunity cost to lower than retail stores, but nothing can compete with free. They're scared it will mess up their business models. I just don't see homebrew games happening despite really wanting them to.

    I homebrew beer, and I can only distribute it for free (law just passed in Oregon a few weeks ago.) Before then I wasn't legally allowed to bring homebrew ou

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