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Submission + - The Rules of Thumb for Tech Purchasing 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Sam Grobart writes in the NYT that buying gadgets can sometimes be like buying a car; it requires sorting through options because the reality is that most of us are usually dealing with a finite amount of money to spend, and that means making trade-offs. Grobart puts forward his set of rules for getting the most for your tech dollar when buying computers, cameras, cellphones, data plans, and service contracts. For example, Rule No. 1 — Pay for PC Memory, not speed. "When buying and configuring a new computer, companies often give the option of upgrading the processor and adding more memory, or RAM. If it is an either/or proposition, go for the RAM," writes Grobart. "Processors are usually fast enough for most people; it is the RAM that can be the bottleneck." Other rules include "Pay for the messaging, not the minutes," "Pay for the components, not the cables," "Pay for the sensor size, not the megapixels," and "Pay for the TV size, not the refresh rate." Kevin Kelly expands on Grobart's rules of thumb with "Pay for the glass, not the shutters," Pay for reliability, not mileage," and "Pay for comfort, not for weight." Any others?"
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The Rules of Thumb for Tech Purchasing

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