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+ - Curious about FreeBSD? Try VirtualBSD 4

Submitted by ReeceTarbert
ReeceTarbert (893612) writes "If you are curious about FreeBSD but don't have the time or the resources to install it and customize it, VirtualBSD might be right for you: it's a VMware appliance based on FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE that comes with the Xfce 4.6 Desktop Environment and some of the most common applications so it can be used right out of the box. The best part? This is a genuine FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE, which means you can either stick to the desktop or dig around in the knowledge that you are dealing with The Real Thing. If the screenshots whet your appetite why don't you got to the download page and grab the torrent file right away?"
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Curious about FreeBSD? Try VirtualBSD

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  • VMWare isn't libre, is it?

    So I am wondering if FreeBSD can still be considered free if it is run inside of a non-free environment...? Perhaps "on parole" would be a better description... :)

    • As I see it, "free as in beer" sometimes is good enough, especially considering what's the goal here: a (hopefully) nice FreeBSD to try out with a minimum of fuss -- but I like the "on parole" definition! ;-)

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