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+ - Gulf Spill Photographers, Journalists Harrasssed->

Submitted by krou
krou (1027572) writes "Glenn Greenwald is reporting that local police and federal officials are working 'with BP to harass, impede, interrogate and even detain journalists who are covering the impact of the spill and the clean-up efforts'. In one case, an activist was told by a police officer to 'stop filming a BP facility because "BP didn't want him filming"'. The same officer later pulled the activist over so he could be interrogated by a BP security official. In another case, while covering a story about a BP refinery releasing toxic chemicals for PBS and ProPublica, photographer Lance Rosenfield 'was confronted by a BP security officer, local police and a man who identified himself as an agent of the Department of Homeland Security. He was released after the police reviewed the pictures he had taken on Friday and recorded his date of birth, Social Security number and other personal information. The police officer then turned that information over to the BP security guard under what he said was standard procedure ... [Rosenfield] said he was detained shortly after shooting a photograph of a Texas City sign on a public roadway. Rosenfield said he was followed by a BP employee in a truck after taking the picture and blocked by two police cars when he pulled into a gas station ... the officers said they had a right to look at photos taken near secured areas of the refinery, even if they were shot from public property. Rosenfield said he was told he would be "taken in" if he declined to comply.' Greenwald also cites more evidence here, here, and here, and describes their actions as 'true police state tactics'."
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Gulf Spill Photographers, Journalists Harrasssed

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