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+ - Does your PC really need a SysRq button anymore?-> 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Ever wondered what the SysRq key on your keyboard does? Lenovo has decided it's so rarely used that it has started removing the key from some new Thinkpad Edge laptops. We already know that Lenovo are something of the fastidious scientists when it comes to keyboard design. Last time they fiddled with the age-old key layout, it was after painstaking research to count exactly how many times users press the Delete and Escape keys. Now it seems another relic of computer keyboards is starting to disappear."
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Does your PC really need a SysRq button anymore?

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  • While more keys are a good things in theory, in practice obscure keys like SysRq only serve to hide functionality. You use them so rarely, that you don't expect any program to use the key. Which means that when a program does use it, you're unlikely to ever find out about it.
  • If they remove the key for SysRq, then how do people take screenshots? SysRq is usually just an alternate function of the PrtScn key.

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