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+ - SPAM: Helsinki To Recycle Excess Heat From Data Center

Submitted by itwbennett
itwbennett (1594911) writes "A new center being built by IT and telecom services company Academica that is scheduled to go live at the end of January will generate energy and deliver hot water for Helsinki. The data center is located in an old bomb shelter and is connected to Helsinki public energy company Helsingin Energia's district heating system, which works by pumping boiling water through a system of pipes to households in Helsinki. The recycled heat from the data center, could add about 1 percent to the total energy generated by the energy company Helsingin Energia's system in the summer, says Juha Sipilä, project manager at Helsingin Energia. The ability of the heat pump to both heat and cool water is what makes it special, according to Sipilä. The pump is also very efficient — you get five times the amount of energy you put in, he said."
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Helsinki To Recycle Excess Heat From Data Center

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