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+ - Security in Google's Chrome OS 1

Submitted by adeelarshad82
adeelarshad82 (1482093) writes "Google promises that users of its new Chrome OS won't have to "deal with viruses, malware, and security updates". It's way too soon to evaluate the accuracy of those claims; the final release of the operating system is at least a year away. The only people who can even run the version released this week are those with the mad skillz needed to compile it from source code. Still, it's worth taking at look at the approach that Google outlined when it announced its browser-inspired new OS. Google has published a full security overview describing its long-term plans for Chrome OS. There's no guarantee that they'll attain all the goals described in that document. But whether or not they do, the security features already present in the just-released edition are impressive. A couple of key things to note are that one all of the operating system code resides on one partition, and any user data stays on a different partition. And secondly every time you reboot, the Chrome OS checks a digital signature for every system element to make sure nothing has changed. If it detects any kind of anomaly, the Chrome OS immediately refreshes itself through the update process."
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Security in Google's Chrome OS

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