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+ - Brainport lets Blind "See" with Their Tong 3

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Hugh Pickens
Hugh Pickens writes "Scientific American reports that a new device called "Brainport" aims to partially restore the experience of vision for the blind and visually impaired by relying on the nerves on the tongue's surface to send light signals to the brain. BrainPort collects visual data through a small digital video camera and converts the signal into electrical pulses sent to the tongue via a "lollipop" that sits directly on the tongue where densely packed nerves at the tongue surface receive the incoming electrical signals. White pixels yield a strong electrical pulse and the electrodes spatially correlate with the pixels so that if the camera detects light fixtures in the middle of a dark hallway, electrical stimulations will occur along the center of the tongue. Within 15 minutes of using the device, blind people can begin interpreting spatial information. "At first, I was amazed at what the device could do," says research director William Seiple. "One guy started to cry when he saw his first letter.""
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Brainport lets Blind "See" with Their Tong

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