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Wireless Networking

+ - Australian Police plan wardriving mission-> 1

Submitted by bfire
bfire (666) writes "Police officers in the Australian state of Queensland plan to conduct a 'wardriving' mission around select towns in an effort to educate citizens to secure their wireless networks. When unsecured networks are found, the Police will pay a friendly visit to the household or small business, informing them of the risks they are exposing themselves to. Officers also hope to return to surveyed areas within a month to see if users have fixed their security settings. The idea is modeled on another campaign where officers walk around railway stations checking cars have been locked, and leaving notes warning people of the dangers involved with leaving their vehicles unsecured."
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Australian Police plan wardriving mission

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  • But there ARE reasons someone may want to have an unsecured wireless network.
    For example, you may have devices that dont support WEP/WPA or where configuring WEP/WPA is a pain in the ass (like my Gentoo box where it was easier to turn off the security than it was to mess with the arcane commands Gentoo needs for getting it to talk to this particular wireless router in secure mode)

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