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Input Devices Patents

Samsung Galaxy Glass Patent Plans To Turn Fingers Into a Keyboard 63

rjmarvin writes "Samsung looks to have found a way around voice commands for smart glasses by projecting an augmented reality keyboard onto users' hands. Galaxy Glass wearers' thumbs are used as input devices, tapping different areas of their fingers where various keys are virtually mapped. According to the August 2013 patent filing with the WIPO and South Korea's Intellectual Property Office, Samsung states that voice controls are too imprecise a technology, which are too heavily impacted by the noise levels of the surrounding environment."
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Samsung Galaxy Glass Patent Plans To Turn Fingers Into a Keyboard

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  • Re:Prior Art? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by ljw1004 (764174) on Thursday March 06, 2014 @07:47PM (#46424739)

    I can. Here's the first step. (1) ignore the slashdot summary. (2) read the "CLAIMS" section of the patent. (3) then post about it.

    In this case, what's being claimed is not a laser, is not a projection, and is arguably not even a keyboard.

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