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Video CES 2014: Now You Can Make 360 Degree Videos With a Single Camera (Video) 52

The device that does this is the Geonaute 360 Degree Camera. The Geonaute display caught Tim Lord's eye at CES, and he got Geonauter (is that a word?) Marian Le Calves to show him the company's "action camera," which costs $499 -- or more accurately, will cost $499 when it starts shipping. Until then, you can pre-order. Or you could buy a GoPro camera for as little as $199. Geonaute has a bunch of videos on YouTube, some of which are quite fetching. But GoPo has a bunch of slick YouTube videos, too, and at this point they're the dominant brand in the action camera market niche. Will Geonaute be able to capture a decent market share with their 360 degree coolness -- and higher price? Or will they, GoPro, and other action camera vendors get into a price war so that every kid who has a skateboard can make good-looking videos?
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CES 2014: Now You Can Make 360 Degree Videos With a Single Camera (Video)

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  • by number17 (952777) on Thursday January 09, 2014 @03:22PM (#45910379)
    The GoPano relies on focusing on a mirror. When that mirror gets scratched, smudged, or warped you notice it. Also, the image quality just isnt there. Don't take my word for it, just look at any of the HD videos on youtube.

    My experience has been with the EyeSee360 and still photos. It was great as a novelty until you realize that the pictures just don't look that great.

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