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Google Robotics

Andy Rubin Is Heading a Secret Robotics Project At Google 162

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sfcrazy writes "The creator of the most sought after 'Android' of the world has been secretly working on creating a robotics division within Google. The search engine giant has acquired over seven robotics companies recently to create the robotics unit which is being headed by none other than Andy Rubin himself. Andy made the disclosure in an interview given to the New York Times." Their initial goal is to automate the woefully manual process of electronics manufacturing.
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Andy Rubin Is Heading a Secret Robotics Project At Google

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  • by Maxo-Texas (864189) on Wednesday December 04, 2013 @12:35PM (#45596331)

    It's not long. And I don't think people will be ready to cope with the change.
    They haven't thought about what a tool which completely replaces a human and which costs less than a human salary means.

    At least a generation of severe disruption and even after that very likely structural unemployment over 25%. You will need to change society in some fundamental ways. Basic income is one possibility.

  • by Catbeller (118204) on Wednesday December 04, 2013 @01:30PM (#45597087) Homepage

    More prisons, more Randism, more upper class loathing of the "lazy", less food assistance, less of any financial assistance, removal of affordable housing, drastic anti-loitering laws, and finally really nasty anti-rioting weapons and roundup tactics against agitators.

    I'm not describing the dystopic future - I'm describing the reaction right now. And the anti-poor crackdown will only intensify. The riots will be christened "terrorism" and all those lovely laws we've created since 2001 will finally find their real use.

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