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AMD A10 Kaveri APU Details Emerge, Combining Steamroller and Graphics Core Next 105

Posted by Soulskill
from the onward-and-upward dept.
MojoKid writes "There's a great deal riding on the launch of AMD's next-generation Kaveri APU. The new chip will be the first processor from AMD to incorporate significant architectural changes to the Bulldozer core AMD launched two years ago and the first chip to use a graphics core derived from AMD's GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture. A strong Kaveri launch could give AMD back some momentum in the enthusiast business. Details are emerging that point to a Kaveri APU that's coming in hot — possibly a little hotter than some of us anticipated. Kaveri's Steamroller CPU core separates some of the core functions that Bulldozer unified and should substantially improve the chip's front-end execution. Unlike Piledriver, which could only decode four instructions per module per cycle (and topped out at eight instructions for a quad-core APU), Steamroller can decode four instructions per core or 16 instructions per quad-core module. The A10-7850K will offer a 512-core GPU while the A10-7700K will be a 384-core part. Again, GPU clock speeds have come down, from 844MHz on the A10-6800K to 720MHz on the new A10-7850K but should be offset by the gains from moving to AMD's GCN architecture."
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AMD A10 Kaveri APU Details Emerge, Combining Steamroller and Graphics Core Next

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday December 04, 2013 @01:23AM (#45592071)

    > AMD is creaming Intel in this area. Intel's graphics SUCK. They are as fast as 2006 era graphics


    "Thanks to the fast eDRAM memory, the average performance of the Iris Pro is only about 15 percent behind the dedicated mid-range cards GeForce GT 650M and GT 750M. This makes the Iris Pro even faster than AMDs Radeon HD 8650G and the fastest integrated GPU of 2013. Therefore, many current games can be played fluently in medium or high detail settings and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. In some older or less demanding titels like Diablo III or Fifa 2013, even higher resolutions or quality settings may be possible."

  • by Luckyo (1726890) on Wednesday December 04, 2013 @01:47AM (#45592177)

    "Kaveri" in finnish means "pal" as in a friend.

    Which is actually pretty fitting for the chip that has CPU and GPU on one die.

  • by Rockoon (1252108) on Wednesday December 04, 2013 @02:13AM (#45592285)

    Iris Pro is on par with the 650m for gaming and the 650m isn't even 2 years old.

    The Iris pro is on a $500 part only made possible by bolting expensive eDRAM onto a processor that otherwise would cost $300.

    The mind boggles at how people think that this is boasting material.

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