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Google Watchers Expect Company-Branded Stores This Year 86

9to5Google cites "an extremely reliable source" in reporting that "Google is in the process of building stand-alone retail stores in the U.S. and hopes to have the first flagship Google Stores open for the holidays in major metropolitan areas. The mission of the stores is to get new Google Nexus, Chrome, and especially upcoming products into the hands of prospective customers. Google feels right now that many potential customers need to get hands-on experience with its products before they are willing to purchase. Google competitors Apple and Microsoft both have retail outlets where customers can try before they buy."
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Google Watchers Expect Company-Branded Stores This Year

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  • by chienandalou (2637845) on Saturday February 16, 2013 @02:45PM (#42923209)

    I went to Northgate Mall in Seattle three weeks ago looking to get either a Nexus 4 or a Samsung galaxy s3.

    Samsung products were everywhere.

    The only place I could find a Nexus 4 was the Tmobile store, and yes, what tipped me to the Nexus was trying it out.

    There was an unaffiliated tablet/phone store elsewhere in the mall that had a Nexus 7 and maybe a 10, but you had to look hard for them.

    It still seems weird that you would need to open a whole store as opposed to striking deals for retail space for your stuff, though.

  • by hack slash (1064002) on Saturday February 16, 2013 @04:58PM (#42923971)
    Although I've been using eBay for 13 years I'm getting really sick of them fucking with the layout and search engine every 6 months to the point where it's now no longer user-friendly but user-hostile. I've managed to stave off some of the shit they're trying to force on us (like oversized 'thumbnails' that are so large you can only see 3 or 4 items in a list of up to 200 on your screen) by some greasemonkey scripts but it's a never-ending fight against their retarded programmers who seem to keep tweaking things just to justify their wages (which should be frozen for their detrimental impact to the UI of the site).

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