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Hardware Technology

MARCH Presents: Apple I Reproduction In Action At HOPE 9 80

Posted by Roblimo
from the old-computers-never-die dept.
The name — MidAtlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists — might make you think this is a bunch of nerds who get together to enthuse over long-obsolete computer hardware and ASCII computer games. And that's exactly what it is. There are farmers who gush over antique tractors, drivers who love antique cars, and music lovers who dote on old phonographs. So why not old computers? Many people in the computer industry seem to have asked that question, so there are lots of computer museums around. MARCH was just the group Slashdot ran into at HOPE. Their website has lots of links that will help you connect with fellow antique computer buffs (assuming you are one), wherever you may be. See here a member showing off the MacGyveresque process that is booting BASIC and playing a game on a reproduction Apple I. Update: 08/01 15:20 GMT by U L : Evan Koblentz (the guy in the video) commented with a bit more information on MARCH (including info on the discussion list and computer museum).
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MARCH Presents: Apple I Reproduction In Action At HOPE 9

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 01, 2012 @10:34AM (#40842225)

    Hello Slashdot! I'm the guy in the video ... I know, not exactly the world's best on-air presentation. :) Anyway: my user group, MARCH (Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists) formed in 2004. Anybody can join (it's free, as in beer) although our focus is on the northeast quadrant of the USA. Our bricks-and-mortar museum is in Wall, N.J. (; we're solely run by volunteers. The computer museum is open Sundays from 1pm-5pm and other times by appointment; InfoAge itself is open Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday also 1pm-5pm. MARCH itself has a very active discussion list at (we'll probably switch to a real listserv one of these days). We also host the annual Vintage Computer Festival East (; and we frequently have tech days, museum work days, social events, etc. .... if you're within a few states then please join us and you'll get to come play with our Apple 1, Altair, a Cray supercomputer, DEC PDP collection, IBM 1130, all the 8-bit stuff, and even our UNIVAC! - Evan Koblentz (MARCH prez / co-founder) - contact: evan [ at ]

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