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Review of the First Medfield Phone 66

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the gadgets-that-look-awfully-similar dept.
Google85 writes "Beginning April 23rd, Intel, through Lava International, began selling the Xolo X900 smartphone in India for $420, Anandtech has just published a review of the smartphone which runs Android on x86 and uses binary translation as the mitigation for both libraries and NDK applications that haven't yet been ported to x86."
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Review of the First Medfield Phone

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  • by Lunix Nutcase (1092239) on Wednesday April 25, 2012 @11:21AM (#39795213)

    Instead of theorizing why not look at their measured stats? The phone was pretty much as power efficient as current OMAP4 phones. Secondly, Intel is using static binary translation for native ARM NDK apps so there is no emulation layer running on the phone itself for that. In those cases Intel pushes an x86 binary out to the user that has been translated and validated on their side. For most things, though, they are straight Dalvik apps and so there is no more translation overhead than Dalvik on ARM.

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