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Crime Displays

Samsung Employees Conspired To Sell AMOLED Tech; 11 Arrested 93

Posted by timothy
from the theft-is-intellectual-property dept.
zacharye writes with this snippet from BGR: "Nearly a dozen suspects have been arrested and charged with crimes related to the theft and sale of AMOLED display technology under development at Samsung. Yonhap News Agency on Thursday reported that 11 suspects either currently or formerly employed by Samsung Mobile Display have been arrested. One 46-year-old researcher at Samsung is believed to have accepted a payment of nearly $170,000 from an unnamed 'local rival firm' in exchange for trade secrets pertaining to proprietary Samsung technology used in the company's AMOLED panels..."
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Samsung Employees Conspired To Sell AMOLED Tech; 11 Arrested

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  • by shutdown -p now (807394) on Thursday April 05, 2012 @07:53PM (#39592791) Journal

    Apple doesn't use AMOLED screens because AMOLED screens don't offer the high resolution that apple wants.

    It used to be true, but I'm not so sure now. Galaxy Nexus has a 720p AMOLED screen - but that's PenTile. If you count subpixels rather than pixels, though, it's actually exactly the same pixel count as iPhone 4. Granted, physical resolution is still lower - iPhone screen is 3.5", Galaxy Nexus is 4.5". Still, that's about 250 DPI. Given that they are talking about some ongoing developments here, I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung is actually planning to roll out "retina" (300+ DPI) OLED displays soon.

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