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Japan Input Devices

JAXA Creates Camera That Can See Radiation 49

Posted by timothy
from the predator-mecha-are-next dept.
New submitter Ben_R_R writes "The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has created a camera that can 'see' radioactive contamination by detecting gamma rays emitted by radioactive cesium and other substances. The camera has been tested in the disaster evacuation zone around Fukushima. The image captures levels of radiation in six different colors and overlays the result over an image captured with a wide angle lens."
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JAXA Creates Camera That Can See Radiation

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  • by Walt Dismal (534799) on Saturday March 31, 2012 @03:57AM (#39532667)

    Oh great, now we're going to be overwhelmed with Japanese tourists taking pictures of radioactive things!

    Shot 1: Dad and the kids smiling at camera and glowing in dark.

    Shot 2: Look! Our Toyota doesn't need headlights!

    Shot 3. Mr. Fujimoto and his radioactive shoes!

    Shot 4. Godzilla. No, really, Godzilla. Run!

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