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Dell Announces Intent To Acquire SonicWALL 65

Posted by Soulskill
from the dude-you're-gettin-a-sonicwall dept.
New submitter iroc_eater writes with news of an announcement from Dell that it plans to acquire SonicWall, a security services provider. "SonicWall’s technology detects and protects networks from intrusions and malware attacks, and helps protect data. Dell is buying services and software businesses as the PC market faces competition from smartphones and tablets. Last month, the company hired CA Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Swainson to oversee the software push, and today he said security is an important part of that strategy. 'My goal is to make software a meaningful part of Dell’s overall portfolio, so that means that this is not the last thing you’re going to see from us,' Swainson said."
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Dell Announces Intent To Acquire SonicWALL

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  • Re:Bad news for HP (Score:4, Insightful)

    by PrimalChrome (186162) on Tuesday March 13, 2012 @06:15PM (#39345027)

    Whereas I agree that IBM's server solutions stand a head higher than Dell, I would not dream of saying the same of HP. We are primarily a Dell shop and looked at swapping over to HP after numerous issues with Dell's Partner program. At the end of last year, HP accounted for 5% of our server install base. They accounted for closer to 20% of our server degraded/downtime for clients.

    Horrid product support consisting of smug warranty reps with little product knowledge. Getting parts was even more of a chore. Dell's 4 hour turnaround on parts is generally just that. 4 hours. HP's 4 hour parts warranty was regularly 24 hours, and in one instance, four days. Yes, days. Admittedly the actual failure rate was comparable with Dell (not better), but when you couple it with a disdain for supporting their products....sorry, we're done with HP.

    I also think you're spot on with the take on Equallogic's gear and Sonicwall's future at Dell.

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