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Security Hardware Idle

Stealthy Pen Test Unit Plugs Directly Into 110 VAC Socket (Video) 74

Posted by Roblimo
from the monitor-your-people-without-them-ever-finding-out dept.
Pwnie Express is a cute name for this tiny (and easily hidden) group of Pen Test devices. Their website says, 'Our initial hardware offering, the Pwn Plug, is the first-to-market commercial penetration testing drop box platform. This low-cost plug-and-play device is designed for remote security testing of corporate facilities, including branch offices and retail locations. A security professional or service provider can ship this device to a corporate facility and conduct a security test over the Internet without travel expenses.' Hardware buffs will recognize this unit as a SheevaPlug, but the value-add is that it's preloaded with Ubuntu Linux and and a rich suite of intrusion/testing tools. The company's 'Founder and CEO and everything else' is Dave Porcello. The video is an interview with Dave, in which he shows off and demonstrates some Pwnie Express products.
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Stealthy Pen Test Unit Plugs Directly Into 110 VAC Socket (Video)

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  • by nweaver (113078) on Thursday March 01, 2012 @09:47AM (#39208263) Homepage

    The SheevaPlug is Ethernet only. The GuruPlug Server adds 802.11b/g networking.

    And there is an even older trick: Take ye-jailbroken-smartphone of choice (a cheap prepaid Android is probably the best). Put it in a box with a big-ol-battery, and mail it to your target. From within the mailroom, you now can attack any WiFi network or Bluetooth device in the vicinity, and you have a cellular data connection to exfiltrate all you want.

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