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Despite Media Confusion, Raspberry Pi Boards Still On Schedule 57

Posted by Soulskill
from the if-it's-not-one-thing dept.
Last Friday, an article in Eurogamer about the Raspberry Pi's upcoming release threw a wrench in the mental gears of anyone hoping to soon order one of the long-awaited (and much anticipated) boards, which had been expected to be ready for orders sometime this month. The piece was based on an interview with David Braben — since picked up, and subsequently corrected, by others as well — and it gave the impression both that a sudden delay had cropped up in the schedule (so that the boards wouldn't be available for consumers until September), and that the price might rise as well. The Raspberry Pi site says that both of these were mistaken, and clarifies (with some bold print, even): "You will be able to buy a Raspberry Pi from the end of February, from this website. The 'consumer release' that Eurogamer is talking about is actually the educational release, which, as you’ll be aware if you’ve been hanging out on our forums, will come with a kid-targetted software stack, a heap of written support materials, and a standard case." That educational version sounds like it's got enough value added to justify a higher price and a longer wait, but you can unwrench those gears if you're just interested in the plain (unboxed) board instead.
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Despite Media Confusion, Raspberry Pi Boards Still On Schedule

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 13, 2012 @08:07PM (#39026869)

    Liz from Raspberry Pi here. Afraid you're misreading; that's totally wrong. It's worth reading the clarification post on our website that this article is about, which was written because a couple of media outlets had come to exactly the conclusion you just have.

    We've filled the first batch with Model Bs because demand is so high, but we'll be producing Model A devices immediately after that. And the educational version will cost $25 or $35 - yes, with a bundled case - depending on whether it's a Model A or B.

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