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AMD Hardware

Smarter Thread Scheduling Improves AMD Bulldozer Performance 196

crookedvulture writes "The initial reviews of the first Bulldozer-based FX processors have revealed the chips to be notably slower than their Intel counterparts. Part of the reason is the module-based nature of AMD's new architecture, which requires more intelligent thread scheduling to extract optimum performance. This article takes a closer look at how tweaking Windows 7's thread scheduling can improve Bulldozer's performance by 10-20%. As with Intel's Hyper-Threading tech, Bulldozer performs better when resource sharing is kept to a minimum and workloads are spread across multiple modules rather than the multiple cores within them."
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Smarter Thread Scheduling Improves AMD Bulldozer Performance

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  • by Runaway1956 (1322357) on Friday October 28, 2011 @01:19PM (#37871738) Homepage Journal

    "User". That summarizes half of the nonsense being posted here. This is a techie forum, isn't it? Techies tweak when no tweaking is needed. If you're a "user", then you're not even authorized to be in a server room. GTFO a STAY OUT!

    (listens for door slamming as the dweeb runs out)

    I just hate it when children blurt out their juvenile bullshit, interrupting the adults. Happens all the time . . .

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