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Microtouch: 8-bit Open Source Media Device 115

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the bits-are-overrated dept.
First time accepted submitter misterbarnacles writes "The Microtouch is a mobile media device that aims to become an open-source alternative to the iPod Touch." Deeper investigation reveals that the Microtouch is a nifty little device. Powered by an 8-bit microcontroller with only 2.5K of RAM there is an example ebook reader application. A primitive application framework (for some definition of the phrase) is available as Free Software, and for the hardware hackers the EagleCAD PCB files are published under a CC attribution-share-alike license.

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Microtouch: 8-bit Open Source Media Device

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  • by perpenso (1613749) on Tuesday October 18, 2011 @04:43PM (#37754500)

    open-source alternative to the iPod Touch

    ... 8-bit microcontroller with only 2.5K of RAM ...

    As someone who has programmed microcontrollers and 8-bit CPUs back in the day I think this is a pretty cool device.

    But iPod touch alternative? Seriously?

    8-bit microcontroller vs 32-bit embedded processor with integrated FPU
    2.5K RAM vs 512M RAM
    28K FLASH vs 8G FLASH

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