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Medicine Robotics

Man With Quadriplegia Controls Robot Arm With Mind 70

Posted by Soulskill
from the give-him-a-hand dept.
awtbfb writes "Tim Hemmes, with the help of University of Pittsburgh researchers, successfully controlled a robot arm in three dimensions. He's had quadriplegia for seven years. The feat was accomplished using implanted ECoG electrodes and weeks of computer training. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 'Ever since his accident, Mr. Hemmes said, he's had the goal of hugging his daughter Jaylei.' Next up are six more 30-day participants, followed by a year-long study."
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Man With Quadriplegia Controls Robot Arm With Mind

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  • by wierd_w (1375923) on Monday October 10, 2011 @10:23PM (#37674340)

    The last few stories have left me with the sensation that technology has been totallyv appropriated by the nanny state morons.

    Please tell me this arm doesn't squeel back to the fbi if it thinks it is being used for "inappropriate touching" or somthing. That would ruin it.

    Whatever happened to technology serving humanity? (And no, I don't mean serving the legal papers.)

    Back on topic, does the neural grid arraay cause neural scarring like other BCEs?

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