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HP's Shift On PCs Could Boost Acer, Dell and Lenovo 156

Posted by Soulskill
from the nobody-knows-you-when-you're-down-and-out dept.
CWmike writes "With HP spinning off its PC business, rivals will be looking for a way to get a bigger piece of the hardware pie. HP's PC unit news, among other industry-rattling announcements, including pulling out of the tablet market and shuttering webOS, rocked the hardware industry since HP is by far the dominant maker in the world. So while HP decides what to do, rivals should be plotting their next move, say industry analysts. Who could benefit the most from any change-up in PC sales? The obvious suspects: Dell, which passed Acer in the second quarter of this year; and Acer is looking to make up some lost ground and could see HP's shake up as an opportunity. And don't forget Lenovo, which holds the third-largest market share. Despite the general downshift for PCs, Lenovo is riding some great momentum right now, reports Gartner. In the second quarter of 2011, the company saw 22.5% growth in its PC shipments." A related article ponders the fate of webOS, looking at a number of potential buyers as well as the unlikely possibility that HP will open source it.
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HP's Shift On PCs Could Boost Acer, Dell and Lenovo

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