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The Military Wireless Networking Hardware

Ground-Based GPS Mimic Is Inch Perfect 140

Posted by timothy
from the keep-to-the-left-for-8-inches dept.
holy_calamity writes "For several years the U.S. Air Force has used WiFi-router-sized boxes on a New Mexico missile range to create a GPS-like service to track munitions to the nearest inch. Now the Australian company behind the technology is rolling it out for civilians. One gold mine is already using the tech and specifications are being released so that GPS receiver manufacturers can adopt the technology. Locata hopes that construction sites, factories and city governments will all want to install their own high accuracy 'location hotspots.'"
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Ground-Based GPS Mimic Is Inch Perfect

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  • by Gadget_Guy (627405) * on Monday August 01, 2011 @10:23PM (#36955328)

    Something tells me that an Australian company would not be using inches to track anything. TFA seems to agree. Our official conversion tables between metric and "ye olde worlde" include the phrase "an inch is as good as a mile", which does not bode well for its accuracy.

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